Dear Friends feeling responsible for animals!

Our charity organization was founded in 2009 with the goal to support abandoned, homeless pets. Due to circumstances beyond our control, our operation could not be started back then. Now the huge number of stray pets makes us try once again, joining forces with animal lovers to find a solution to this challenge.

With the foundation of Kutyatár (‘Dog Storage’) Association for Nature and Animal Protection, a solution was found for dogs, but there are still a large number of stray cats in need for help. Their lifestyle and small size make them less visible then dogs but still they require the same level of human care.

Several animal lovers spend their money on feeding, sterilisation and medical care of abandoned cats. There are several temporary adopters who provide shelter for abandoned cats until they find a new home; with their help we have had more than 100 cats adopted until now. The sacrifice of these animal lovers, however, does not solve the problem, only alleviates it. Therefore we would like to find a permanent solution that is satisfying for both humans and cats as well.

We dare to dream big: even though the everyday care of our rescued cats still poses a problem now, our final goal is the foundation of a cat shelter.

We ask everyone who love and feel responsible for cats to support our goals. We thankful for every forint but we also gladly accept in-kind support (feed, cat litter, etc.), too. Every idea, help and cooperation is appreciated.

Our account number is: 50800252-15446116 (Szigetvári Takarékszövetkezet)
IBAN: HU64 5080 0252 1544 6116 0000 0000

The greatest help is, however, when you adopt a cat from us!

Here you can find information about how to contact us.